4 comments on “Hunger

  1. had a sermon in church a few weeks back… “blessed are those that hunger”… wasn’t so much about starving… more about those with a divine purpose that cannot be deterred. Even if it was only so much as to believe it in their own hearts. I’ve seen hunger in the eyes of a 16 year old boy staring at car keys… lol… its a beautiful thing. We were challenged to seek out what it is we “hunger” for… or have, at some point in our lives… I have to say, that salad looks pretty divine… ha!

    Still searching my heart on that one… I know I am passionate about a few things… but to “hunger”… my family and marriage are the only things that I could truly say I would win if challenged on…. Husband in Qatar, ya, I “hunger” to do the right thing, be a good wife… not let him worry about US, while he is THERE, be the foundation. My kids… well, that is an entire novel…

    Perspective… define Hunger… I never thought of it as a divine purpose or related it to fasting… or even giving something up for Lent until a military Chaplin challenged me to do so… now, dang it, I think about it every day… UGH!!

    Thanks Father Tim… and thanks Julie for the gift or your photographs…


    • Awesome thoughts Michele.

      This one was hard for me so I really enjoyed reading your comments. Yes, we can hunger for many things and it isn’t wonderful that Lent is a time set aside for us to ponder and think on the kinds of things we hunger for. I’m not sure many of us would take that reflection time otherwise.

      Love you girlfriend!


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