5 comments on “Patriotism on Four Legs

  1. Julie, at Ellsworth I got home from work right at 5. The big voice speaker was just across the street. Just as I got out of the car the drumroll played. Being a proud, patriotic individual, I stood by the car for the playing of the National Anthem. To my surprise and delight, in the house, Angel, our cocker spaniel also a proud patriot, sang along with the anthem until the last notes played. I went in and hugged her. I made it a point from then after to get home in time to hear her sing.


    • Isn’t it wonderful? I’ve had people drive up to me afterwards to ask how I taught him to do it. It wasn’t me….it’s all him!


  2. To finish this off — This is the best show of patriotism I have seen in a long time! Lance’s cadets should take not and learn something!


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