4 comments on “Time to get back up on that horse…..no, not THAT horse!

  1. Welcome back! It’s good to see you back on this particular horse! 😉 You’ve been missed but remember to take it easy as you ease back into the groove! Nice post about some bold and brave moves of your own, my friend!


  2. Welcome back! Mark said you looked good when he saw you last month. I hope the fatigue has begun to fade!
    I am so glad you are healthy and “back on the horse”.


  3. Julie, you are amazing! Had the luxury of a relaxing Saturday evening to peruse facebook and catch up on your blogs. Enjoyed each one and am also delighted that you’re back on the horse. Remember you’re always welcome here when opportunity or time permits. K


    • Thanks Kay! Jim and I would love to get back down your way. I need to kidnap him for a weekend!


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