10 comments on “Weekly Photo Challege: Beyond

  1. I now see why it took you a while to compose this. You are such a blessing to all and especially to me! Miss you!


  2. Sandy has been on my mind a lot lately as I just lost another friend to this awful disease after a long & valiant 6 years. I am so happy to hear that she has a grandchild. She would be loving it-as she did everything! Thank you for sharing the news, Julie, and your thoughts. Sandy was a great lady!


  3. Julie, Thanks for posting this beautiful memory of Sandy. I too remember her from Wurtsmith AFB but didn’t have the pleasure of getting to know her as you did.

    As my mother grows closer to her end of life, I am reminded that she did have 21 more years to spend with her two grandchildren, and the wonderful opportunity to know her great-granddaughter for the past 8 years.


  4. Julie, you know this subject is especially important to me right now. I loved seeing the pictures of Sandy as I remember her! I would have loved to have known her better and would have loved to show the world our beautiful, bald heads together!! I know she is guarding that new grandchild and surrounding us all w/ her love. Great post. Thanks…


  5. Sandy and I have been best friends since the sixth grade, we were always together! She spent many summers with me when I lived in Rayville. I remember when we were about thirteen, she ran away from home for a day to the same cemetery that she’s at now; she lived to streets over from the cemetery. Spent my days with her when she and Katie would come home from Michigan. Went to visit her lots of times when they moved to Weatherford then to Abilene. It seems like yesterday that she was with us. I miss her soooo much. She knows all my secrets!! lol I was with her two days before she went home to see JESUS. I couldn’t make my self go to the funeral, I didn’t want to face the fact that she was no longer here; I wouldn’t be able to hold her are talk to her,I was lost.
    Did any one ever know that she had never had a mammogram; I didn’t, I just assumed it was a part of her routine check up’s. She was so good about the others; Paps, dental, eyes, etc. If only I would have known…..
    Her family was her whole life; Sandy loved her husband and her children; it was all about them!!!
    I miss her laugh!!
    Sandy’s sister Edith is Casey second mom now and she couldn’t have a more loving aunt than her aunt Edie!!
    Miss you my sweet friend, we’ll be home soon……



  6. Julie, Thank you sooo much for this posting, I think of Sandy almost everyday, I feel her around me.
    My brother is battling cancer. I HATE cancer………..


    • Gidget, I’m SO happy you commented on the blog and added your memories of Sandy. She was definitely one of a kind! She was taken from all of us way too early but she does, indeed, live on in all our hearts. And I’m so glad Kasey has her Aunt Edith. I have no doubt she loves Kasey as much as Sandy did and I’m comforted to know she’s a part of her life.
      So much has been learned about cancer and it’s treatment since Sandy died. I hope your brother benefits from that knowledge and calls himself a survivor for many years to come.


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