3 comments on “Remembering My Dad’s Passing

  1. Beautiful entry today Julie, particularly poignant as we lost my Aunt Patty this morning on her namesake’s feast day. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and faith in your blogs.


  2. How very beautiful and true. I remember sitting at my father’s bedside with my mother and sister. I would have said that it’s an experience that can’t be adequately explained, but you just proved me wrong. So lovingly done.


  3. Thank you, Aunt Julie. What a beautiful reminder of those days and Grandpa’s leaving us and joining Grandma and his other loved ones. I remember those days as we waited and sang, laugh and cried. Thinking of him raising his eyebrows made me smile – you know how I love that! I ate a “Green Way” at Skyline yesterday (green spaghetti) and thought Grandpa would get a kick out of that!


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