8 comments on “Trying to Make Sense of Tragedy: Remembering the Browns

  1. Julie, your words have said what so many of us are thinking and feeling. Thank you. And I’m going to keep my eye out for turtles 🙂


  2. Such a beautiful tribute Julie. Sue’s radiance lives on in all of our hearts. And Joe’s sweet smile. I’m so sorry for your loss and the loss to the AF family.


  3. Thank you so much for the photos and for capturing what both my head and my heart are speaking to me. I so love the turtle image and purpose to be the tenth. Today I am asking the Holy Spirit to break off all trauma from the friends and family that we may go forward and live life as He has designed for each of us, although this is a huge loss.


  4. Julie, my heart is so heavy for our AF family, it seems we have had so many non-combat related deaths this year. This is a beautiful post, thank you so much for writing and sharing. I will continue to pray for the Brown’s family, for you, and for all those who are grieving their loss.


  5. I’m sorry to hear about your friends passing. Your words are full of love and happy memories of the times you spent with them. A beautiful tribute that will live forever. Friendship we carry in our hearts even if they are no longer with us. My thoughts and prayers to the Brown family.


  6. My wife and I only learned about this tragedy today. We have been good friends with the Browns since Abilene where we raised our kids together. We have kept up with each other but our lives took different courses and we didn’t see each other nearly as much as we wanted to. You captured their spirit so well. Joe and Sue were the Air Force professionals we all wished we could be. More so, they lived life to the fullest and that was something else we should all aspire to. We need to be the tenth turtle and keep our memories close to our hearts.


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