4 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. Love all of the pictures you chose this week for this subject. I am struggling with focus issues but more of accepting the issue of upgrading my glasses to stronger lenses so my pictures have a clear view. As always I love your photos and look forward to your blog!


    • Thanks Karin! Sure would be nice to see you one of these days. Instead of moving closer to Florida we’re going in the opposite direction!


      • I would love it for our paths to cross again for more than a dinner once a year. Our door is always open, we have plenty of room especially when that wind is blowing that snow:). Our sand is that same color minus any dirt. Headed to Charleston in a week, hopefully with seeing all your fantastic pictures I can find a couple of wonderful pictures I would have never seen before. We are hoping to make it your way before you head out.


  2. Hi Julie, Loved your blog. Got this trough Gmail. I guess I will have to put your facebook page on my favorites list. Now I am not getting anything you put on facebook unless you make a comment on one of my friends posts. Can’t figure it out. Have a great time with Steven and famly. Lovingly, Carol


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