4 comments on “Contained Within

  1. I remember how you used to sit down on Fridays in you closet-office and prepare your weekly letter to your family. It is good to have a written history of events since memories don’t always keep the details in proper order. A friend recommended that I print out my blogs to preserve them. I have then iin a couple of binders. I was also concerned that my thoughts could be lost in changing technology. Now, I have a couple of volumes somebody can look through on a rainy day.


    • Monica, I’ve thought of that but so much of my blogging is photographs, I wasn’t sure it would translate the same. Not sure there’s enough ink in the world to print all the words AND the photographs!


  2. Julie…we had a deployment this week…i wrote a post on our FB page challenging the families to write letters to each other…because they would be treasured memories and the words written in pen or crayon seem to mean more. Makes me proud to feel we think a little a like.


    • Great suggestion to your spouses and families Karla! All I had from Jim’s deployment were emails and once we moved beyond that computer and that particular email server, they were gone. Another great idea I once came across….to start a box for the deployed parent that the kids can add to whenever they want to share something and then have them go through the box with the parent when they come home. Some things can’t be mailed easily!


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