10 comments on “Beating the Odds

  1. Happy Anniversary from another couple in the “Beating The Odds Club”. Don was twenty and I (Cheryl) was eighteen,celebrated our 38th in February ! We are truly Blessed!


    • I love that Cheryl! I suppose some of us were luckier than others…or perhaps just more stubborn!


      • I’m a big fan of stubborn. We’re celebrating 27 this week. When our daughter Emily was learning to talk, she (understandably) got some of the nuances of language a little mixed up. When we would tell her “I love you,” instead of replying “I love you too,” she would say “I love you anyway.” It still resonates as a higher truth in our family and has become something of a family mantra for when we’re feeling upset or angry with each other. 🙂


  2. Loved the video and the post. Thank you for being such a great example of marriage within the military. Garrett and I just crossed fourteen years and one evening I was whining about something and Garrett looked at me with a smirk and said, “I love you with all my heart but, SOMETIMES, I tolerate you with all my strength.” We laugh about that still and your sentiments above encourage me in knowing that maybe we aren’t too far from normal. Thanks again for the candid story.


    • Thanks for sharing that Kari….a line I will remember and use! Seems like we marry our spouses anew with each stage of life and sometimes with each move we make! It never gets boring, does it?!?


  3. Thank you for this! It brought me to tears and I want you to know how much Brian and I admire you guys as wonderful older siblings and mentors! Happy Anniversary!


  4. Thanks Patty….from the oldest couple in the family to the youngest! Still amazes me when I realize you were on 6 months old when we married. As far as you’re concerned, Jim and I have ALWAYS been married! 🙂


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