8 comments on “Thresholds In My Life

  1. A round door, how interesting and yet, intriguing. Enjoy your new door, when it is completed, post a shot. It’s amazing what is behind the door, ahead of you and your husband. Enjoy. Have a very nice ‘last’ and have a wonderful weekend.

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    • Thanks Clay! It might be several months before we’re at the point of installing that door but I’ll keep you posted. And…we definitely plan on enjoying all our lasts in the next several weeks!


  2. best of everything in this new transition…I’ve been in this in-between place and still finding new doorways; yet, there are times when I wish it was possible to find that historical door that opened into the challenge and excitement of a military lifestyle


  3. Julie- your transition will be so many things. There is so much ahead of you that is unknown and exciting! Enjoy it all…..


  4. Julie, I can only imagine what a change this will be for you, you were always more connected to Jim’s career than I ever was to Dave’s. Life after active duty is different, but there are so many of “us” out there and we tend to find each other. In some ways it’s like we’ve just moved to another, much longer duty station except in my case we are without any base support. Life is good. I did have a moment last year though that reminded me old our old life. Last Memorial Day a young Naval Officer who was attending the JAG school here, wore his choker whites to Mass and I found myself walking to my seat beside him. I fell right into step beside him and I got goosebumps as memories of walking beside my own young Naval Officer flooded back. Those were the days but these days are very good as well indeed. Hope to see you soon.


    • Monica, that brought tears to my eyes. We definitely need to make a trip to see you once we’re back. Hard to believe it’s been decades since we lived across the street from each other.

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