10 comments on “A Thankful State Of Mind

  1. What a beautiful post. I am so pleased for your daughter in law and the whole family. We had the same situation in January which also turned out well~thank the Lord indeed.
    Your siblings and you look so relaxed and comfortable with each other. you are certainly blessed. And your photos are gorgeous. As you can see, I REALLY loved your post, it ,made me happy!

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    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m thankful your situation also turned out well! I just visited your blog and enjoyed the tour of Stratford on Avon. The first image that caught my attention was the snowdrops…I just discovered a clump of them in the woods near my home yesterday. Had to come home and look them up! Would love to spend more time in England as I’ve only been there briefly. In the meantime I’ll enjoy seeing it through your eyes and writing!


  2. When life is without challenges, it is easy to believe God is holding us close. It takes grace indeed to carry us though the uncertainty until we realize He never let us go in the first place. Thanks.

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  3. So many thoughts and feelings, first being how beautiful your stories are, and how admirable your faith.

    I have a “work at home” son, who just moved into my basement, with my grandsons.

    I miss my sweet daughter-in-law, who I thought I would have forever. (She didn’t die. She left.)

    And I miss my sisters. We have not been together since our Dad died in 2001…so sad, and a long story for another time.

    Thanks for sharing so beautifully.

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    • I hope time makes everything okay for you. Eight years ago this particular son was also living our basement and his wife was about to give birth to our first grandchild. The circumstances weren’t perfect but both of them preserved and although we had some years when worry was all-consuming, it’s all good now. Faith and prayers and sheer determination got everyone through! In those hard moments sometimes prayer is all we have. Hold onto it and trust that there really is a plan and oftentimes it’s better than the one we had held onto so tightly.

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      • Thank you.

        On another note, I am sometimes dismayed (generationally?) by the whole modern way of electronically communicating and all…but there really is something to be said for being able to read such a sweet post, by a complete stranger, on the other side of the country, respond to it and get an answer back in seconds.

        Thanks again for that faith booster!

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