4 comments on “Feathered Guests

  1. These pictures are beautiful! I love bringing birds into our back yard. Lots of chickadees and goldfinches, some downy headed woodpeckers, a few nuthatches, barrels of squirrels and a scary hawk once in awhile. Fabulous entertainment I agree!

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  2. Hey, I AM old but I have loved birds since I was 5…inside, outside, doesn’t matter. I take more pictures of birds than I do of my Grandsons!! I’m not a “birdwatcher” but I even loved the book, The Big Year! To be fair, I love it best on CD. It was narrated well, but to non-bird enthusiasts, excruciatingly boring.

    I’ll post one of my favorite pictures in your honor soon.

    As for the table setting, my adopted Mom’s table (the Colonel’s wife) was always a work of art, like yours.

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