6 comments on “Nothing Literal Here

  1. You are so talented. Your mind inspires me. There are several of these shots I’d buy in a gallery to hang on my most looked at walls! Seriously! (well, sort of seriously as I have no money for such talent.)

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love your photos Jules. That large piece of labradorite is so beautiful (it was a gift from my sister Kate)…I’m inspired by it every time I look at it. I also have been playing with abstraction in my art lately. What helps me to differentiate between representational and abstract when I’m creating a watercolor, is that representational art (which is the basis for most of my art) draws largely on my visual inspiration – what I see in something, while abstract art draws mostly on my emotional reaction – what I feel when I look at something. I found Nita Leland’s book “The Creative Artist” to be a wonderful help and inspiration in exploring abstraction. She suggests listing words that describe the feeling a particular subject gives you, rather than the subject itself. So if a bird in flight gives you a feeling of serenity, you might write down the words cool, drifting, quiet, peaceful, etc., and then create metaphors for those feelings. For instance serenity might invoke the image of a calm sea, which might become part of your abstraction on the theme of a bird in flight. So many creative paths and so few minutes in one lifetime… ~A

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    • Alex, I love your studio and still hope that someday I’ll spend more than a few minutes there, attempting to learn your medium. I don’t hold out much hope for this non-painter but just being in that space is inspiring enough! You are one talented woman and I’m glad to call you friend!


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