11 comments on “A Lot of Mud, Miles of Curves, And A 40,000+ Fitbit High

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    • Not expecting to hit that 5 mark anytime soon! I’m certainly not an athlete but I do love to walk and hike….used to be a long distance runner but as I’ve gotten older walking is much easier on my joints. Other sports? Not so much! Never had any eye-hand coordination.

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  2. WOW 15 miles!? What a walk. This looks like a great way to spend the day. I’ve become fond of this type of graffiti lately, mainly street art styles.


    • If you ever find yourself in Rapid City, SD go downtown and find Art Alley! It’s a sanctioned alley for graffiti artists and it’s amazing. The best aspect is that it’s a completely different space every time I’m there!

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