4 comments on “It’s The Steps, Not The Miles

  1. I just came home for a walk with my pup. She’s pooped and I am, too. It’s been a lovely day – rain, a little yard work, a nap, a walk. and now time for reading. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    • My guy is an 85-pound black Lab, ten years old, so unless the day is unusually cool I really have to watch how long we’re out. Thinking I pushed him a little too far yesterday but he’s always so happy to be out there and hardly ever “complains.” His brother used to just plop himself down and refuse to go any farther when he got too hot. Hoping you also enjoy your weekend!


  2. You’ve inspired me to post a story. This is so beautifully written and reminds me of so many of the lessons my father taught me. Thanks for your words as always, and wonderful photos. (What in the world are the orange hanging globe-thingys?)

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  3. I wish I knew! Looked almost like some kind of spider or bug sac so I left it alone! But I loved the shape and the perfect little world it might encompass inside so I left with the perfect kind of souvenir, a photo.

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