5 comments on “Here It Is….Yet Anther Edge

  1. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out and where you end up. There are some beautiful areas in Louisiana…spectacular homes (even though some are surrounded by reminders of the poverty still in that state.)

    I loved reading about your Virginia home and know you will nest beautifully wherever you land next.

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    • Thanks Kathie! This is a bittersweet move….leaving one son in town and another on the east coast to be closer to another son. What I really want is a compound with all of us living on it! Not sure how the boys and their wives would feel about that though!


    • I know, it’s going to be hard…..didn’t expect that it would be but as the time gets closer I’m very aware of how much this house has come to mean to me over the years and especially this past year. I just keep telling myself….closer to the grandkids…closer to the grandkids…..


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