7 comments on “Life’s Autumn Changes

  1. Wow, Jules, this is so timely. I have been feeling pretty low (for me) and you have given me an amazing new way to look at things…another perspective, shall we say?

    Enough ahead of you in transformation though, I fear my brilliant colors have faded now and I am brown and dry and crunchy, fallen on the gravel driveway …got anymore beautiful words??

    Hmm, I’ll head out with my camera while I wait…smile.

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    • Trust me, I also have moments when I feel like that! However, I’m SO much more comfortable in my skin at this age and I know my mind better…..less questioning, less concern about what other’s think about me, less worry about things I can’t control….and a much stronger faith. All of that combines to help me accept some of the limitations aging brings on because although my outer countenance may have faded a bit, my inner soul shines so much brighter! I think the tradeoff is well worth it! So shine on my blogger friend! Be encouraged!

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  2. Julie this is so eloquent. It is a time to be embraced and enjoyed. So far, I have not experienced many broken parts, and I just crossed the bridge to 60! Hoping I will hold together for this awesome ride! Thanks for a beautiful start to my day.

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    • Debbie, I’m so glad we ended up on the same beach this summer! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better. And….as Jim says….60 is the new 40. We have many awesome years ahead of us!


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