14 comments on “Our Temporary Existence

  1. Ok, you made me cry. After facilitating a grief class last night, I️ just feel as if I️ am surrounded by people who ache with loss and emptiness. I️ want to just keep repeating, “Rejoice in the Lord” over and over.


    • I am continually thankful I have a faith that teaches me to of just that. We sorrow here on earth but our faith gets us through it eventually. A friend wrote on her blog today something that resonated with me….”I am thankful for my faith. Despite the ugliness of the world, I try to see God’s work in all things. I don’t pretend to understand the “whys” and am thankful that I am not required to. That is where my faith comes in. “


  2. Thank you Jules – what an important reminder that the only time we ever truly have is the moment we are in… right now. I want to try and keep this in mind and heart, and be grateful for every “now” that I am given.

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    • Always good to hear from you Alex. Miss living in VA and catching up in person every now and then! You, like my friend, are a fellow artist and that kind of contact is always good for the spirit!


  3. An important final message. Time is very fleeting. I’m glad you (fortuitously) found out about your friend’s situation and had the chance to catch up with her. I’m sure she appreciated it.

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    • I’m pretty sure I was the person who got the most out of that visit! She was so kind to spend the time with me and she let me highjack three of her university courses to talk about my photography and my Instagram project!


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