7 comments on “Changing The Setting

  1. I love these images of the beach. The detail and light in the feather. Finding the pattern and movement replicated in the sand. I enjoy hearing a bit about your process of self awareness in choosing where and with who you wanted to spend this time. I have a sense of peace and spaciousness when I look at your photographs. I would enjoy walking along this beach and being in this place.

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    • Thanks so very much for stopping by and commenting. My miles on the beach this week have been really enjoyable and I’ve learned so much from my son about tides and shells and living near the water. It’s been a good Thanksgiving!

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  2. I don’t like to admit envy very often but I look at all of these photos and have to let out a big sigh of “sad” because I do not have a regular beach in my life these days. Oh well, better start exploring for one.

    I am so glad you got to have Thanksgiving with your son. And I appreciate your acknowledgement of this part of the transition from child to parent.

    A sad fact about me…I only experienced ONE Thanksgiving dinner EVER with my family of origin.

    And they chose to do it the day after my tonsillectomy!! I couldn’t even manage the mashed potatoes!

    Pitiful, right? (Another sigh here…)

    (Upon re-reading I am considering not posting this incredibly downer replay, but counting on our new friendship to be able to handle it.)

    But WAIT! Oh Jules, these photos are spectacular, some of your best work I think!! That vertical feather is meant for a fancy gallery somewhere!

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    • I almost picked up the phone to call you upon reading this Kathie! I just wanted to reach out and give you one big virtual hug!!!! Then I realized finding your number might take a bit of digging. Would you mind having James send it to me in a FB message? This time I’ll put it in my contact list. I promise!


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