6 comments on “Not A Fan Of Risk

  1. You received a beautiful GOD WINK!!! I love your writings, they mean so much to me. I’m so gald that you did not skip this one!!! AND…your house is stunning!!!

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  2. I appreciate your reflection on hope, risk and trust. I find the photograph with the one light up in the attic touching and welcoming. Like a star seen in the distance.

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  3. Oh Jules, this was a great, inspiring read…and I found one more thing we have in common.

    Right after we left you this summer we had to hurry back to Seattle so I could officiate at a wedding…on the TOP floor of one of the TALLEST buildings out West, the Columbia Tower. I was dreading standing right next to that corner WINDOW to perform the ceremony until James reminded me I would be facing IN to the room, and the couple facing out. I guess I had to ascend like you because of course, the minute I saw my couple, I never even thought about the extreme Acrophobia I normally experience.

    Wonderful post. Thanks.

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