4 comments on “2017 Instagram Favorites

  1. Well these photos were all amazing and no wonder you had such a hard time choosing a favorite! Happy New Year to you and your family; may your days be filled with laughter, light, love and even more awesome photographic opportunities! 🙂

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    • Thanks Gale! May you also enjoy a happy new year! It’s alway fun to start off fresh and be full of the possibilities that a brand new year brings! Thanks for reading and looking!


  2. I never get tired of looking at your photos. It has always been my favorite art form and you are now my favorite artist.

    I told your story (of your project, your brave ritual of gifting your photos, and of our meeting this summer) at Christmas dinner in honor of my adopted 2nd Dad, Colonel Louis Ford.

    Everyone enjoyed hearing about you and then we all reminisced about the Air Force life.

    Happy New Year and I look forward to more and more of your work.

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    • Happy New year to you Kathie and thanks so very much for the beautiful crystal window ornament! It’s up and catching sunlight as I write this! Have really enjoyed getting to know you this year and seeing you in person was a highlight of 2017.

      I’m happy you were surrounded by people you love on Christmas. Even better that our connection spurred good conversation and memories.

      Love to you on this first day of the new year!

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