7 comments on “Consecrated Places

  1. Julie, I enjoyed these so much and share your love for the church. I loved the young girl lighting the devotional candle. I am a candle lighter; it’s very special to me. I went to a Catholic Church when my dad was in Viet Nam everyday…even walked up to the church on Saturday. Needless to say; that was the year I thought I wanted to be a nun:) i LOVE your blog!!!


    • Cathy, I didn’t know that….how sweet for a young daughter to do that for her dad away at war. I also never knew you thought about being a nun! Glad you didn’t…I may never have met you!!! Okay, now my Catholic guilt is kicking in….how can I possibly be happy about a vocation that never came to fruition?!?


  2. Better is one day in your courts, better is one day in your house, better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere 🙂 Amen sister Julie


  3. I LOVE visiting St Joseph’s altars! Did you happen to find one in Shreveport or was that on a trip to NOLA?


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