11 comments on “I Never Thought I’d See…..

  1. My great grandma lived to be 103 she always told me that you are never to old to learn something new and when you stop learning you stop living. I think that we sometimes think we don’t have time or skill to learn something as we get older but we can and I think it is wonderful that Jim is learning to play the guitar. Now your son will be learning new things for awhile with that precious little baby since they seem to keep you on your toes so enjoy the ride. Miss you guys and love the pictures

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    • So very true Lara…I took my first watercolor lesson this past weekend and have just started painting mandalas on rocks. Never thought I’d take up painting! Miss you too…keep getting out and about in DC…and keep taking and posting your pictures!


  2. So neat to see Jimmy and Angie and their beautiful new son. Great to see Jim learning the guitar. Dave used to play, along with the trumpet in orchestral. His guitar would lull me to sleep. Loved that.. Have a great Mother’s Day!!

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  3. Loved the pictures, so much joy and tenderness! There is a hidden creative streak in Jim, from one cook to another. It’s so great that he’s nourishing that side. maybe your sweet vocals will help him out! Have a great mother’s day! Miss you!

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  4. I miss you also Gail! There’s always room for you here in Shreveport! Need to get rid of my braces before I sing again….they seem to get in the way of breathing correctly for singing. Thanks for reading my blog, my friend.


  5. So tender and lovely. I love hearing about your husband learning an instrument at 60. That we can keep reinventing ourselves and saying yes to the moments we never thought we would see.


  6. I think Morrison favors his daddy!!! Love seeing my son’s childhood best friends be DADS!!! We are SOO blessed Julie!!! Good luck Jim…yu can do it!!! Love you!!


  7. Oh my, what lovely lovely surprises!!

    I can sooo relate. For my son to have become a father, and the Dad he is, just continues to blow my mind!

    And I have always felt blessed to be around someone, several someones in my life, playing a guitar.

    What a great post.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!


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