8 comments on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Delicate

  1. No guilt! Even I don’t always stick to one photo. 🙂 Your garden is lovely. What an inspiration! I haven’t had as much time this year to take care of my roses, and boy do they show the neglect. Now I have guilt. 😉 Thanks for sharing and joining the challenge!

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    • I enjoy the color, the movement and simply watching nature take it’s course. One advantage to the heat here in Louisiana is that I get to enjoy it into October before the flowers begin to fade.

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      • I imagine those delightful critters and flowers also love the humidity 🙂 I must admit that getting back to New Orleans in the Spring is on my bucket list. I haven’t been there in in 30+ years and I would love to go back with my son…. and my camera!


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