One comment on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Ready, set, action! Part Two

  1. You wrote: “Much of what we might be called to do here on this earth is merely the planting of the seeds, or in this case, the feeding of the caterpillar. Having to see the results in person is perhaps something we need to let go of, simply being content in knowing we were there to get the process started.”

    As I contemplate an even more complete retirement from a 45 year long Psychotherapy practice, this comment is such a perfect reminder for me. I’ve been pouting and resisting because often in my profession one does not actually get to see those latter stages of development you describe above.

    And it is tempting, on a bad day, to flirt with the ideas of failure and wasted time. Your post, using a metaphor I myself have used with clients many times over the years (I just forgot…) has helped me shake off those thoughts and to remember, I wouldn’t trade a minute of my calling, my life’s work, whether I get a gold watch for my seed planting or not!

    Thanks so much!

    Love you,


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