16 comments on “It’s All About The Heart

  1. Julie, you are back!!! I have missed this blog so much, My day is made! I have felt so many different emotions touring the years of Valentines, I’m so blessed to be a recipient❤️ I cried AGAIN with the tribute of love for your mom! I felt Sad that so many years have gone by, I felt Happy that you came into my life and we were fast friends! I love you, You are so talented!! This years are AMAZING!!! DON’T stop this blog ever again!!!

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  2. Welcome back! I was just about to write and call (about ten times!)

    I should have known to check Instagram for reassurance. So thrilled to see you in my reader!

    As for the loss of Muse, it certainly does NOT seem to have interfered with your ability to create endless and varied beauty!

    I LOVE these! You’ve definitely inspired me (also MIA for a while)…mostly until this very week.

    Thank you so much for coming back.

    Big, giant, sloppy hugs!!

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  3. Julie, these Valentines are beautiful. I can.t imagine having to pick a favorite. You blow me away every time I see any of your projects; photos, paintings, decorating, gardens, etc. You are so talented and creative. Keep on creating. Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤️

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  4. So beautiful Julie. Can’t wait to see which one has my name on it.

    We drove to Milwaukee today for John Bartol’s funeral. He and his wife, Mary, are associates. He had Alzheimer’s disease for years and Mary took care of him. They were actually in our first associate group. John was a state patrolman and one of the most gentle men I knew. Zita and I went to the Passion Play in Oberammergau with them. I am so tired I can’t keep my eyes open, so I am off to bed. It was quite an emotional day and a long one. Glad to be home. Love you. Carol

    Carol Crosby SCSC Holy Cross Sisters 1600 O’Day St. #10 Merrill WI 54452

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  5. I’m catching up on emails and just saw your blog! Zentangle! New to me! Loved seeing all the others 😉
    So very special!


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