13 comments on “Moments That Hurt

  1. Thinking and praying for you! We need to lift this up to our Lord who knows everything that we need! Love you! Terry


  2. Jul. I will pray peace upon you. During times of struggle, know that you are not alone. Remember to lean back and rest in the arms of our Father. I did it a lot this summer. It was very comforting ❤


  3. You are not alone even if it seems so at dark moments. You dwell in so many hearts and I know all those prayers of support will join mine and wing their way to you. Hold tight to that little hand.


  4. Julie, i do not know what you are going through but you know…YOU are always in my prayers and I love you and am here for you.


  5. Sorry you’re having tough times, Julie! Praying that thingss get better for you….Linda


  6. O Lord Almighty GOD
    Through the rays of the sun
    Through the waves in the air
    Through all pervasive life in space
    Purify and rectify me O LORD
    and I pray, heal my body, my heart and my soul

    I use this pray during difficult times in my life and it’s kind of like a mantra for me. I will keep you in my daily prayers and hope you find peace.
    Love, Mary Beth


  7. You have been especially on my mind and in my prayers these last days Julie.
    I’m sending a mantra song I used at the closing prayer service with my last community today.
    Enfold me in your love, encircle me O God, come fill me with your love.
    Same with peace, then grace.
    It is my wish for you.today.


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