5 comments on “A Week That Lacked Corners

  1. Wonderful post Julie, I love they way you have included the horrendous weather in Houston, it sounds like your son is one of the many heros in Texas at the moment!!
    BTW great photos of South Dakota and Colorado! 🙂

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      • You’re most welcome Julie, and it is wonderful how the whole of the US seems to have responded to this natural disaster. It’s just such a shame that it takes such events to pull communities together, it’s exactly the same over here.


  2. Ah Jules, I didn’t know your son lived there. The cousin we are staying with here in Natchez (in his/our old family home) actually lives in Houston too. His neighborhood did go under so they fled here. They had to go back late yesterday to see what salvaging they could do after the four feet of water in their home for days. We are here for their small wedding next week, the reception planned in Houston for hundreds of friends and family. (It has taken them both a while to ever get married!)

    Anyway, lovely and moving post. Please thank your son from these complete strangers…

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    • My heart breaks for them. Weddings take so much planning and are such an important day. I hope the wedding is a wonderful celebration despite the circumstances and they look back on this in the future as seeing their marriage forged in fire and thus, all that much stronger!

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