3 comments on “A Season of Faith

  1. a truly lovely description of your experiences and your faith. Mine are so different, but have brought me to a similar place. I sometimes attend a church close to my home, chosen a little for its open-mindedness, but really, for its sense of humor. The last class I took there was called “The Joy of Sects”. Go ahead, say it out loud. It was a study of origins of the world’s 8 primary religions.

    Such different paths. Such similar goals. Clever God.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    • The title of your class made me smile and yes, I said it out loud. It reminded me of a class I took when I was a college freshman….The Philosophy of Sex. It was a really great class and not at all the way I thought a philosophy course would be. Decades later I found out the professor had faked his credentials. I was worried I’d have to find another class to take to validate my degree!

      And yes, we do have a clever God!


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