6 comments on “When God Winks

  1. Aw, Julie, you, Judah and God just reduced me to good tears this evening. Sending a warm hug your way. Thanks for passing on the wink.


  2. Wonderful story, Julie! It’s so awesome to acknowledge things like this as God’s doings! A lot of times, unfortunately, I have to be hit over the head to realize that it’s Him trying to get my attention! So blessed to know He will never give up on me, though! Merry Christmas!


  3. So beautiful Julie! Thanks for sharing it. The looks on the faces of Judah and the firemen are fantastic!
    It’s like the song Danny Boy on the radio when we got in the car after cleaning out Dad’s room after his death. Remember?


  4. Reblogged this on blogbyFLOGS and commented:

    This is a good time of year for reflecting and for giving perhaps just an extra little bit of hope to anyone going through a difficult time. Two years ago, at Christmas, our son was in rehab and we celebrated the holiday in Oklahoma City with our pregnant daughter-in-law and grandson. Two years later, Grace has graduated from college and has a wonderful job, Steven is sober and discovering how hard it is to be the stay-at-home dad to their two sons, and daughter is due to be born any day. My point is that two years ago their future was so uncertain and I could barely see past the day we were living but today all is well and although the race will always be in progress, a lot of finish lines have already been crossed. No matter how dark the night, day does follow.


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