5 comments on “Newspapers and Glass Milk Bottles

  1. I was totally surprised to find glass milk bottles at our local grocery about a year ago. It’s a bit more expensive, but sure tastes better. When the bottle is empty and you need more milk, remember to return the empty bottle for your refund. It’s not the same as the early morning delivery given the fact you have to go to the grocery, but it’s worth it.

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  2. I got a chance to be a temp employee in Pennsylvania at the location Parade Magazine is printed, and I felt the same as you when I saw the printing room. I had no idea it looked like a roller coaster. Here in Kansas City at the Star, the building is made of glass so as you drive past, you can see inside at the inner workings. Pretty cool.

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  3. I loved getting milk from the milkman. When I was growing up in Marietta, Georgia, an annual school field trip was to Mathis Dairy and everyone got to milk Rosebud the cow. Children all over Marietta grew up with an “I milked Rosebud” button. The Omaha World Herald is a wonderful newspaper – I miss reading it!

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  5. I don’t drink milk, but I do love the idea of delivered glass bottles. Not only is the glass better than plastic, but the quality I am SURE was much better then.

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