4 comments on “Unexpected Art

  1. Are Christo’s always orange?

    You’ve given me a new way to look at the excess of CARS, covered with TARPS, all over my property these days. There are our 5 cars, for the people who live here. But then there is the Porsche my son has been restoring (since COLLEGE!!!). And the 1957 Thunderbird we are trying to sell for a friend. And the old Taurus that quit running but seems like it would be a good father/son project in just a couple of years. Oh, and the PT cruiser, which we drove up from California so our best friends who live in Spain could have their car up here when they visit. And then of course, there are the trailers. James is a custom home designer and builder so needs a work trailer AND, probably way more important, there is the Harley trailer! (I had to stand up and walk around for a bit after writing all of that.)

    I’ve driven through parts of the country where this would be a common sight but where I live, not so much. My neighbors have to be about out of patience.

    That’s it. I’m going Tarp Shopping! A different color for every vehicle. We’ll be a junk yard RAINBOW!

    Christo you say? I better research for draping ideas!


    • SO funny! I might be glad you’re not my neighbor but I’d love to come visit and shoot those tarps! With my camera, of course! If you click on the link about non-collectible art in the blog you’ll see more of Christo’s work…it’s not all orange!


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