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      • Where are those rabbits? I’m almost positive I have seen them in person but cannot remember where!

        As for the rest. Wow, what discipline! What an accomplishment! How the heck does one do Instagram?? (I have successfully avoided so many technological things, eh?)


  1. Julie, your photography has touched me from the moment we met!! I still have the print you gave me of your parents’ hands! That photo represented to me the promise and rewards of a long and happy marriage! It came to me at a time I really needed a tangible reminder of such a promise.
    When my fatherinlaw was dying earlier this year, I spent a lot of time sitting at his bedside, holding his hand. Perhaps I was channeling you, but I snapped several pictures of our hands as a way to somehow hold on to the moment, even if I couldn’t hold on to him.
    You continue to be an inspiration to me! Thank you for pausing, clicking and sharing! ~Denisa

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    • Denisa, thanks for telling me that you did that with your grandfather. I’ll never be famous because of what I do but I am fulfilled beyond measure knowing my photographs touch people and perhaps make them see or do something a little bit differently. I’m humbled.

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  3. Another weird thing in common, or maybe two…I take pictures also…everyday and print my favorites. Then I make photo cards from them. I do it in a similar way, meaning, I will hand a stack of greeting cards to someone and say “pick out a couple”. It’s my personal campaign for keeping the old fashioned forms of communication alive.

    And Shreveport is very familiar territory. My husband and I met in Natchez, Mississippi and still go there sometimes to visit relatives. It’s only about 3 hours away from your new home so maybe we actually will get to meet someday!!

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    • The rabbits are in Dublin, OH at the top of a really wonderful splash pad. There’s a wall beneath them and the splash pad is all along the bottom of that wall. It’s such a wonderful setting.

      I would love to meet you in person!!! Small world we live in!


      • And for some reason, I don’t see your other comment so I’ll answer it here….saw it in an email. Instagram is a very easy app on your phone….you take the picture, crop and add borders and filters if you so desire, then post it. Normally I take photos as I go through my day, then pick my favorite that evening. And I really like your card idea….then people end up sharing your images again, as they send them out. Nice thought.


  4. Where do you get your Instagram pictures printed? I like the border. Do you get them printed in books as well? (So happy you will be back in LA!)


    • Lucy, I print the myself. The quality of the paper is so essential to the print. I order my paper from a company called Red River Paper. They are amazing in terms of customer service and I love their photo paper. I have them all printed into little books from an app called Chatbooks. I subscribe to them and every sixty days I get another little book with the last sixty images in it. I’m now on Volume 33! When I come back to LA, you can pick out your very own Instagram!


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  7. I get notifications each day in my email inbox when someone I follow posts something. Unfortunately, I let them build up a little much and nearly crashed my email (3,989 of them!). Following your “Do one every single day” lead, I committed a while back to delete at least 20 a day. Every now and then I find a post I actually missed. Today I discovered THIS one from you. How ironic that I had never read this particular one!! To have had the privilege to actually hear this wonderful story and about this practice in person is such an honor. I am so excited that we got to meet in person and now, happier than ever to be a recipient of one of your works of art!!

    Lotsa love to you from me and James!

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